Keith and Judy Froehlich

My spouse Keith’s cancer and a need for a real solution for his worstening visceral fat problem brought us to Isagenix. Two presidents packs and 30 days later I had lost 30 pounds and Keith had lost 25 pounds. I gave up a six figure job offer after that to build my Isagenix business so I could have the freedom to travel for Keith’s treatment as needed.

At Keith’s post-operative follow up in February 2015 his doctors were amazed by his abdominal MRI showing he had significant visceral fat loss. We were hooked. I dove full time into my business with a goal to retire Keith from his physically demanding job. While he is not cancer free, he hasn’t felt so energetic and well in 20 years. I haven’t had this much energy and mental clarity in decades! Today I am a, 3 Star Silver Circle Crystal Director, next stop-Executive. Deep gratitude barely describes how we feel about these products and this incredible business opportunity.

–Keith and Judy Froehlich

“April last year I decided to make a change in my life and start a health journey. Sometime I need a reminder and want to share HOW it happened. I joined the CEME Slim group with Carol Elizabeth Lifestyle and made a commitment for 30 days that I will follow the program to the tee as instructed by Carol. 30 days later I was so stinking happy with my results I committed another 30 day to CEME SLIM.

My results kept showing up as I kept listening. I listened when she said commit to the process. I listened when she said find your triggers. I listened when she said eat towards your goals. I listened when she said how important nutrition is. I listened when she said what to do at the gym. I listened when she said find your why. I listened when she said “I WAS WORTH IT!!” Because I listened and stayed with The CEME programs I grew stronger in so much more in my life.I couldn’t thank Carol enough for giving me my life back and so much more!! These programs do more then just teach you how to eat and work out. They teach you how to LOVE yourself and show you the power of support as you do this along side other women in her support groups. My life is enriched and sparkles more with my CEME sisters because I listened.”
—-Helen Costa- Giles


For a couple of years Before starting Isagenix I had developed severe pain in my head that caused me to be sick and in bed often. I was tired all the time, bloated, overweight, sluggish and had aches throughout my body due to inflammation. A friend from church had posted something on FB about how amazing she felt after her “nutritional cleanse” so I asked her what that was all about. I decided to try it and within a couple of days I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I had more energy, was waking up before my alarm, felt lighter and more “with it.” 

After my first month I was down 14 pounds and 16inches and have kept on going. So far I’m down 35 pounds and over 40inches. The best part is after having to save grocery money for a month before I could purchase my first pack, i now buy products for my whole family and I have never spent our own money on any of it because this company is so amazing and compensates you so generously just for introducing your friends and family to this life-
changing system.

–Lisa Halvorson

I started on Isa products in January, 2014 and had tremendous success.  Prior to Isagenix, I was overweight, stressed, anxious, tired, and in a lot of physical pain.  When I began on the products on January 6th, 2015, within two days I noticed an increase in my energy levels and within 7 days, others noticed a difference.  That first month, I lost 15 pounds and over 20 inches!  Honestly, the weight was a bonus.

I had more energy to keep up with my two little girls who are ages 3 and 5.  My husband could tell a change in my mood, and I was no longer experiencing pain to the degree that I had for 15 years!  I was working out harder then ever and was thrilled.  I continued with the products and started to share the experience with my friends.  Now not only do I feel better physically, but financially I have options that I never thought I would have.  I am having so much fun connecting with others and sharing products and an opportunity that I have become so passionate about.
—-Leah Driscoll

Before Isagenix I was an exhausted mom trying to get it all done! I had low energy levels, chronic back and neck pain and I couldn’t shed the baby weight from 3 years earlier. My glass was always half empty because it felt that way.


I was introduced to Isagenix in the summer of 2013. Little did I know
that this nutritional wellness system would change my life. The moment I put the products in my body it is as if a light switch went on within me. My energy went though the roof, moods balanced, I decreased inflammation.  My family noticed the difference as well. I found myself wanting to play longer with my son, go on adventures with him and smile more than ever. Oh and I easily released 20 pounds and 30 inches! I never felt better inside and out!


Two years later and I still feel incredible. I lead a fabulous, balanced and healthy life thanks to Isagenix! This was the game changer I needed.
—Staci Friedman

I suffered with adult acne though my 20’s and at 28, after using every internal and external medication for acne, I went on to Acutane for 1 year. Every bad side effect you “can” get with Acutane, I got.

Fast forward 10 years, I was diagnosed  have acne rosacea. Lots of redness, swelling, giant pimples that were so big it would deform my face for weeks at a time.

After 6 weeks on Isagenix, my skin is amazing. 80% redness….GONE, pimples & pustules ….GONE, sore skin to touch….GONE!
My confidence & happiness is back!! 

–Holly Short


Before Isagenix I was sad, tired, anxious, stressed, depressed, overweight and living with chronic inflammation. I was in pain and no one knew it. Within days of being on these products, I woke up from a fog. After my first 2 months I released over 27 lbs and 47 inches of toxic fat.

One year later, I’m maintaining that weight loss which I have never been able to do, I am full of energy, I remain free of pain and have rediscovered my LOVE of long distance running! Isagenix continues to bring amazing things and amazing people into my life which is why Isagenix creates possibilities for improving and living a truly AMAZING life! And you can have that too!

— Amy Kennedy

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